Photo by Paul Rowe

Coconino Courthouse
Flagstaff, Arizona

Maas-Rowe was selected to restore the Tower Clocks in this historic tower which is part of the oldest public building in the State of Arizona.

Maas-Rowe retained the original Glass Faces and Roman Numeral Skeleton Dials, but replaced the antiquated clock drive mechanism with four separate Clock Drives that are kept synchronized by means of data lines connected to a computrozed Maas-Rowe Master Clock. This eliminated the troublesome and difficult to service mechanical linkages that used to be required to keep the clocks tied together.

The Clocks receive data signals from the Master Clock and sensors within each clock drive determine where the hands should be.

The Clocks reset automatically after power outages. They can also set themselves automatically for Daylight Saving Time changes, although this was not needed in Arizona.

New Balanced Aluminum Hands were provided by Maas-Rowe finished with a 30-year ratee Kynar based coating.

No Chimes or Carillon system was installed since the Catholic Church a short distance away already had a Maas-Rowe Carillon that played Westminster Chimes on the hours.

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